Could a ‘wellbeing’ bra help you stay calm?

The Vitali bra: offering emotional support?

Whether it’s for training, dancing, dating or simply slobbing around the house, there’s a bra for every occasion. While all bras have the same primary purpose, to offer support, they also have something else in common. A feeling of relief to the wearer when taken off.

But, if a new bra hitting the market is anything to go by, we may feel much better by keeping it on.

The Vitali bra is a revolutionary piece of smart clothing that not only offers physical support, but claims to offer emotional support, too. Having recently reached its target for launch via Kickstarter, the Vitali bra is now taking orders online.

Designed for all day wear, this on the go “wellness coach” is unlike other smart clothing. Rather than monitoring fitness, this bra tracks breathing, posture and heart rate via a powerful processor that collects data from sensors.

These embedded sensors in the bra measure ECG (electrocardiogram) directly from the heart and analyse HRV (heart rate variability) to understand your body patterns. Biofeedback is provided to the wearer when changes occur in HRV patterns that indicate stress.

The real-time feedback is delivered to the user via gentle taps. One tap may remind the user to sit up, whilst two may remind them to take a deep breath. A synced app will also guide and assist the wearer to adjust their posture or breathing accordingly.

But could this really be the future for wellbeing?

“Many people are unaware of the low level of stress that they’re under. It’s only when stress is chronic and severe, resulting in a deterioration in mental health, that the physical signs become more apparent,” says GP, Dr Michelle Groves.

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