Survivor winner Jericho Malabonga’s insane post-show weight loss

THE winner of Survivor has shown off his dramatic body transformation after spending 55 days on a Samoan beach.

Jericho Malabonga, 29, a flight attendant who won the $500,000 prize money during the finale last week, lost an incredible amount of weight while filming the popular reality show.

Contestants consume a restricted diet largely made up of rice and coconut juice and are put through a range of extreme physical challenges.

“Before and after survivor #no filter. Fitness peeps help get me back into shape!,” Malabonga wrote on Instagram.

Picture: Nigel Wright

Picture: Nigel WrightSource:Channel 10

Malabonga now works for a major airline flying internationally, but initially started as a cabin cleaner before working his way up the ranks.

Despite his massive winnings, Malabonga says he’s going to keep working and live a modest lifestyle.

“I love my job,” he told Confidential.

“I’m not going to let this massive thing affect my job, I worked really hard for my job, before I was even a flight attendant I was a cabin cleaner, I was cleaning toilets and I was humbled by that,” he said.

“And before I was a cabin cleaner I was in catering in the kitchen among conveyor belts doing repetitive work in hair nets. I worked for it. I done think I would let this prize money change something I worked really hard for.”

Jericho during a challenge on Survivor. Picture: Nigel Wright.

Jericho during a challenge on Survivor. Picture: Nigel Wright.Source:Supplied

Malabonga, who is single, doesn’t know what he’s going to spend the money on.

“I think the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought in my entire life is a go-pro and that was like $400 dollars,” he said.

“I’m still pinching myself. I’m still in shock, I havent processed it yet. In a week or two I might be like, holy crap ‘what just happened’.”

Picture: Nigel Wright.

Picture: Nigel Wright.Source:Supplied

He told OK magazine he’s still plans on living a normal, low-key life.

“I’m not going to go crazy. I’m still going to shop at Coles. I’m not going to go out there and buy a yacht and start hanging with Snoop Dogg,” he said.

“I would never let money or anything change me.”

Jericho Malabonga from Australian Survivor. Picture: Nigel Wright/Channel 10

Jericho Malabonga from Australian Survivor. Picture: Nigel Wright/Channel

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