Run don’t walk: Huda Beauty’s foundation launches in the UK today

Huda Beauty foundation

I don’t know about you, but my Huda Beauty makeup collection is expanding at a pretty rapid rate. From the original Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette, to her 3D Highlighter Palettes, and most recently my newest addition to the family, the Desert DuskEyeshadow Palette.

While I love all my mini Huda children equally, I have been patiently waiting for the launch of the Huda Beauty foundation ever since Huda made the announcement last year.

waiting gif

And finally my patience/obsessive Instagram stalking has been rewarded, as Huda’s latest baby launches online and in store today.

Reflecting her makeup mantra, the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation is unapologetically full coverage, with a water-resistant, matte finish…Your ‘take a girl swimming on the first date’ memes aren’t so funny now are they lads?

Not only does #FauxFilter promise to last all day (and beyond), it’s also available in an impressive 30 shades (with more to follow), which following on from Fenty Beauty’s 40 shade launch, marks a serious turning point in the beauty industry for inclusivity.

With such a large shade selection, it can be a right ‘mare to find your perfect match. But Huda and her team have officially come through with their #FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide. So if you know your shade in a different brand, e.g MAC, Kat Von D, Estée Lauder etc, you will be able to use that to find your shade in Huda Beauty…clever huh?

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