Why lip crayons are the ultimate mutitasker

Lip crayons are the ultimate multitaskers.

Those fabulous chunky lip crayons, AKA chubby sticks, are one of my beauty obsessions and at current count I own about 30 of them.

I just can’t get enough. Clinique, who launched their version in 2011, cleverly own the name that has become the generic term.

According to Clinique HQ, Chubby Sticks comprise around 40 per cent of their lip sales. These little babies are foolproof to apply and come in a vast array of colours and finishes.

Their attributes are legion:

  • These are multi-taskers with their combined lipstick and gloss finish.
  • They are proud members of the “no mirror makeup” clan as they go on like a breeze. Just swipe and go.
  • Every man and his dog now had a version of the chubby stick so the possibilities are endless. They come in glossy, matte, sheer, opaque … and if you are like me, you can customise your colour and layer up different shades. Just start experimenting.
  • They can also double as a cheek tint.

The formula is highly pigmented and also hydrates and nourishes lips. This little beauty is a, you guessed it, nourishing nude.

This is a pigment rich lip crayon that delivers an intense pastel pink creamy matte finish.

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