Deal with static hair with these cool tips

There is nothing more annoying than dealing with static hair. It’s like an invisible clown took a gigantic balloon and rubbed it against your scalp.

Static hair is caused by static electricity which  is more prominent during winter. No matter how much moisturiser you use, it won’t help.

According to hair giants, Reken;  if there isn’t any humidity or moisture in your hair, like on a dry winter morning, the charge causes your strands to repel from another like a magnet. In short, your hair is literally so full of electrons that it can’t stand. So what can you do?

Redken suggests:

Hair oil: One of the reasons that your hair is conducting an electric charge is that it’s dehydrated. During the winter, our strands can become dry due to lack of moisture in the air. treat your hair to argan oil.

Invest in a new hair dryer: Help balance your hair’s natural charge, try using an ionic hair dryer

Leave-in conditioner: Feed your hair the moisture it needs is by using a leave-in conditioner throughout the winter.

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