Beach Week: Kardashian Hairstylist Jen Atkin on How to Get Beachy Waves

Summer means salty hair, and what better way to play it up than with beachy waves?

Getting the right “I woke up like this” style can be tricky, but celebrity hairstylist and founder of The OUAI Haircare and Mane Addict Jen Atkin is coming to the rescue. Atkin’s styles have been seen on everyone from Katy Perry, Lorde and Jennifer Lopez to Jessica AlbaSofia Vergara and Emma Stone, and she frequently works with models and A-listers — including the Kardashian/Jenners and the Hadids — for editorial shoots and red-carpet events.

Whether you’re playing up your beachy hair or creating your waves from scratch, here are her tips for getting that “perfectly imperfect” ‘do.


How should you prep your hair for beachy waves?

What’s key for this look are the right products. You want to build up the texture of the hair. I suggest using OUAI Wave Spray in damp or dry hair with OUAI Soft Mousse at the root. If your hair naturally has a wave in it, you can let it air dry, but one of my favorite tips for creating a bend in it is the “clip trick.” After putting product in, just push the hair up so it creates a bubble, then clip it into place. Keep doing this all around the head, then blow-dry over it or let air dry to create indents in the hair.

What hot tools are best for creating the waves?

I love making waves using only the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. You hold the hair from the bottom — leaving half-an-inch to an inch out at the ends — and then you start folding up the hair like an accordion. Fold it up until you get about 2 inches from the roots and then hold the wadded-up section of hair in the center of the diffuser. You don’t want the diffuser pointing straight up towards your hand; you want to hold it at an angle so the airflow isn’t creating any frizz.

How can you make sure the waves hold?

I don’t go anywhere without OUAI Wave Spray, OUAI Soft Mousse, OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray and OUAI Memory Mist. You can use all these products on all hair types and mix and match to create what you need. For fine hair, I would also prep with the OUAI Medium Hold Hair Spray for additional hold.

Any tricks for people with hair that doesn’t hold style well?

I created our new product, Memory Mist, for people who need help locking in their style for longer. Section dry hair and spray with Memory Mist prior to styling — it will protect your strands from heat and lock in the look you create with your hot tools. It has prickly pear, so it helps smooth strands and fight frizz or beat humidity. If you need even more hold, you can finish with Medium Hair Spray.

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